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March 14, 2009
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Camera Data

Canon PowerShot A640
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1/50 second
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13 mm
Date Taken
Mar 14, 2009, 12:25:27 AM
"Bone Fragment" cabinet pull by ou8nrtist2 "Bone Fragment" cabinet pull by ou8nrtist2
I am designing and fabricating drawer pulls and cabinet pulls for a clients kitchen remodel. The client admires my work and knows much of my source of inspiration comes from the natural world. They have toured my house and seen my extensive collection of natural objects,stones,bones,shells,seed pods and skulls. They want to see these source works translated into hardware for their kitchen cabinets and drawers,AND they are fine with each one being different i.e. no multiples. I like that because I find reproduction on nearly every level to be tedious and diffuses the vitality of the original. The down side is that this it is much more work than creativity. But hey, what am I here for if not that?
Welded stainless steel.
The bolts must be exactly 3 inches apart to fit into the existing holes in the cabinets. I've made a jig that holds the bolts in the proper orientation and distance for welding.
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Remecarbon Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Professional Artist
Are these for sale? They are Amazing and perfect for a project I'm finishing.  Let me know at thanks
elph Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
damn you, i havn't seen this yet... you've done everything cool in stainless already.
ou8nrtist2 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010  Professional
Ha !
Not true. You will surpass me.
But not unless you get off your ass and start making some shit...LOL
and besides,I've got about 30 years on you.
And for some encouragement;"It's easier for an engineer to learn to become an artist than it is for an artist to become an engineer.
T-Thomas Featured By Owner May 25, 2010   General Artist
I wish I could work with these materials :D
ou8nrtist2 Featured By Owner May 26, 2010  Professional
It does take some training...
T-Thomas Featured By Owner May 27, 2010   General Artist
and I bet a whole lot of experience, its quite amazing what you do!
ou8nrtist2 Featured By Owner May 27, 2010  Professional
Thank you.
At this point after honing my skills for many years it is INTENTION that becomes the focus.
T-Thomas Featured By Owner May 27, 2010   General Artist
how long have you been creating?

when you say intention you mean the design work behind the pieces?
ou8nrtist2 Featured By Owner May 28, 2010  Professional
No,I mean the psychological state that I enter when I make a piece.
I have been creating all of my life.Both my parents were artists and had studios at home so they were always accessible.My father was a master sculptor and taught me (through osmosis)much of what i know.Beyond the hands on and tool using training there was much discussion of WHY we do what we do,the RESPONSIBILITY(ability to respond)of possessing talent,the virtue of hard work,and the intention involved with right action.
Intention has to do with the intended symbolic function of the piece.
T-Thomas Featured By Owner May 29, 2010   General Artist
I am jealous of your upbrining! How fortunate, especially since you clearly had a natural talent for working as well. Your father was a sculptor, was your mother as well?
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